Legitimate and Illegitimate Violence in Islamic Thought

The First LIVIT Conference took place on 13th and 14th September 2010
at the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter

Download the abstracts by clicking on the link after each title

Monday 13th September
9.00  Registration
10.00  Welcome and introductions: Robert Gleave/István Kristó-Nagy

Panel 1
10.30  Filiu, Jean-Pierre (Sciences Po, Paris): “Al-Qaida as a post-modern cult” - Abstract
11.00  Githens-Mazer, Jonathan (University of Exeter): “What’s So Radical About Jihadi Violence?” - Abstract
11.30  Hamidaddin, Abdullah (Acxiom-MENA, Jeddah): “Violence and the Structure of Religious Legitimization” - Abstract

12.00  Lunch

Panel 2
13.00  Lange, Christian (University of Edinburgh): “Hell's angels and the dogs of the Fire: representations of violence in Sunni eschatological literature” - Abstract
13.30  Urvoy, Dominique (Université de Toulouse II): “La question de l'aide de Dieu dans le Jihâd”
14.00  Kristo-Nagy, Istvan (University of Exeter): “Rebelling Devil and Revengeful God. Who is the originator of violence and who is the originator of the arts?” - Abstract
14.30  Reynolds, Gabriel (University of Notre Dame): “Heavenly Warfare in the Qur'an” - Abstract

15.00  Tea / Coffee

Panel 3
15.30  Rizvi, Sajjad (University of Exeter): “Jihād in South Asia: Historical Contingency versus Essentialism” - Abstract
16.00  Riexinger, Martin (Aarhus Universitet): “Mawdudi's legitimiziation of violence” - Abstract
16.30  Devji, Faisal (University of Oxford): "India in the History of Terrorism" - Abstract
17.00  Close

19.30  Evening Meal

Tuesday 14th September

Panel 4
10.00  Urvoy, Marie Thérèse (Institut Catholique de Toulouse): “La violence morale dans les Ahkâm ahl al-dhimma d'Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziya”
10.30 Hoover, Jon (University of Nottingham): “Reconciling Ibn Taymiyya’s Legitimization of Violence with His Vision of Universal Salvation” - Abstract

11.00  Tea / Coffee

Panel 5
11.30  Hegghammer, Thomas (Defence Research Establishment, Oslo): “The jihad doctrine of Abdallah Azzam” - Abstract
12.00  Wagemakers, Joas (Radboud University, Nijmegen): “Jihad Gone Bad: Radical Scholars against Illegitimate Violence” - Abstract
12.30  Tüske, László (Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Hungary): “Political Allegiance and Jihad in Contemporary Islamic Thought” - Abstract

13.00  Lunch

Panel 6
14.00  Sárközy, Miklós (Károly Gáspár University, Budapest): “Hunting, fight, violence and royal propaganda in Early Islamic Persia” - Abstract
14.30  Hirschler, Konrad (SOAS, University of London): “Legitimate’ violence and popular protests during the Middle Period” - Abstract
15.00  Fierro, Maribel (Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales, Madrid): "Qualifying violence: some cases from al-Andalus (3rd/9th-5th/11th centuries)" - Abstract

15.30  Tea / Coffee

Panel 7
16.00  Al-Sarhan, Saud (University of Exeter): “The dispute between the official scholars and Salafi-Jihadis in Saudi Arabia” - Abstract 
16.30  Gleave, Robert (University of Exeter): “Exegesis and violence in Messianic Shi’ism” - Abstract
17.00  Mojahedi, Mohammed (Universiteit van Amsterdam): “Fiqh and the Politics of Violence: From Discursive Indifference to Discursive Legitimisation (With Special Emphasis on Post-Revolutionary Developments of Politicised Shi’i Fiqh)” - Abstract

19.30  Evening Meal: Conference Dinner


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