Legitimate and Illegitimate Violence in Islamic Thought

Our last LIVIT workshop took place on 25th April 2012, and a report can be found here and the programme is below.



Modern Salafism: Doctrine, Politics, Jihad

A One-day Workshop

25th April 2012

Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies

University of Exeter


09.30 Welcome: Robert Gleave (director of the LIVIT project)


09.50 Justyna Nedza (University of Bochum):  Back to the future?" - Trying to Make Sense of "Salafism”

10.30 Daniel Lav (Hebrew University of Jerusalem): From Taqlīd as Polytheism to Modern Legislation as Polytheism: The Salafī Peregrinations of ʿAdī b. Ḥātim


11.00 Coffee/Tea


11.30 Sarah Elibiary (SOAS, University of London): Hanbali Jurists in "Salafi" Militant Discourses

12.10 Tayyeb Mimouni (LIVIT PhD student, University of Exeter) Intra-Salafi debates over al-hakimiyyah



12.50 Lunch


13.50 Jessika Soors (KU Leuven) Q9:1 and al-Tabari’s views on baraʾa, with an excursus into al-Zawahiri’s Al-Wala’ wa’l-bara’a

14.30 Saud al-Sarhan (LIVIT Visiting fellow, University of Exeter), The doctrine of al-wala’ wa-l-bara’ and its relationship to takfir

15.10 Mohammed Ali (University of Exeter): Al-Wala' wa-l-Bara' (Loyalty and Disavowal) in Modern Salafism: Analysing the Positions of Purist, Politico and Jihadi Salafis


15.50 Tea/coffee


16.20 Michael Farquhar (LSE): Transnational Exchange and the Forging of a Modern Salafi Pedagogy: Content and Modes of Instruction at the Islamic University of Medina Since 1961

17.00 Emad Hamdeh (Hartford Theological College/University of Exeter): Purging Fiqh: Albani on madhahib, dala’il and taqlid


17.40 Closing Remarks: Robert Gleave

17.45 CLOSE


To find out more about the LIVIT project go to: www.livitproject.net

The LIVIT project is funded by the Global Uncertainties programme of the Research Councils UK:


There is no charge for attending the workshop, but places are limited.  To reserve a place contact the LIVIT project administrator, Jane Clark jane.clark@exeter.ac.uk



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